La Bete de Pommeraie Part Two

Setback and Regroup

After investigating in town the party discovers the town has a shortage of firewood with winter approaching. Jacques Bucheron, a human woodsman who braves the Shadow Wood to harvest firewood for the townsfolk has gone missing. They find out that Jacques lived in a cottage at the edge of the woods. Investigating the cottage the see signs of struggle, blood spatters, broken furniture, and a musketball embedded in the wall. Mag finds Bucheron’s journal in a hidden compartment in his night stand. Hesh Szeren quickly breaks it’s trivial letter replacement code, and discovers Bucheron was documenting a cult amongst the legionaries dedicated to the nihilistic Thulian god Fenrir. He indicated that they held there ceremonies in the Shadow of the ancient ruin in the Forrest and that their leader Ivan Volkov, the Dankovian Seargant was speaking with someone or something inside the ruin, directing him. Mag, by this time discover claw marks and chains in Jacques outhouse and conclude that Jacques must be a werewolf, and the cult must have been watching him, while he was watching them. With all due haste the set off for the ruins. In the Forrest they barely survived an attack by four worgs and a direwolf who transformed into tattooed legionaire cultists after being slain. Badly wounded and lacking the healer, Rhorim, the returned to the village to rest and Regroup. In the wee hours the are awakened by the sounds of screaming and shattering glass. To be continued in part three …


nathanaelhile nathanaelhile

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